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This Society is developed by ZKB developers along with respective international partners. The developers aim is to turn your dreams into reality. To provide complete facilities and amenities that would meet international standards. Avalon C.I society is perfect for those who wish to seek high standard infrastructure, top class facilities, and superior services without being burdensome on your bank accounts.
Avalon City Islamabad is an upcoming project that is primly located on the Main Chakri road. This society will openly offer luxury, comfort, unique facilities/amenities and accessibility without being heavy on your pocket. This society is set on a perfect spot, which allows easy access to multiple noticeable destinations. That Includes Islamabad, Rawalpindi Saddar, and Jinnah Town.

Developer and international partners

The developer of Avalon city Islamabad are ZKB developers, which is owned by Zahir Khan & Brothers. Their success rate in manifolds of projects is phenomenal. For numerous of years, they have an exquisite experience in engineering and construction work. They have developed about 152 famous and highly profitable projects in multiple cities of Pakistan. For example MBS flyover and stations, Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway Project, National highway Development, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro bus Project, etc. They have more than 40 years’ experience in architecture work along with 30 years in consultation. However, they have a great ambition in turning Avalon City Islamabad into a reality based on all the features and living standard that you desire, as well as being pocket friendly.
Avalon city have committed and well-known partners to make this society possible. Urban Solutions, a firm which are well known for their unique urban planning and architectural design consultancy. CTT (create think tank), it is the most leading digital marketing agency in Pakistan. Chaghi Enterprises are specialized in Civil and mechanical engineering, as well as Sui Gas contractor.
Avalon city Islamabad

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Avalon City Islamabad

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Avalon City Islamabad NOC

The No Objection Certification is soon to be approved by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). However all the documentations and formalities are complete from Avalon city’s side, and it is quiet promising that it will be accepted. Having a NOC clears all legal hassles which may arise in the future.

Avalon City Islamabad Location

Avalon City is primly near Islamabad and is precisely located on main Chakri road, which can be easily accessed by Chakri Motorway Interchange, Rawalpindi Ring road (in future), and other accessible routes. This supreme location is especially pin-pointed by the developers because they want the residents to be able to commute to Islamabad hassle-free. As being the 2nd most beautiful Capital in the world. It is rich in greenery, noticeable places, and surrounded by panoramic mountain ranges. Moreover Avalon City is commutable to other accessible places and cities. Among all this proves it to be worth living and investing in Avalon City Islamabad. 

Avalon City Islamabad Location


Before investing or purchasing a house/plot, it is important to see if society is convenient and accessible to desired destinations. Therefore Avalon City has valued this factor by setting the location on main Chakri road, which would allow you to commute to your favorite points. From Saddar Rawalpindi, you can access Avalon City within a drive of 25 minutes. This project is approachable within 15 minutes’ drive away from Islamabad International airport.

Amenities and Facilities

Avalon City Islamabad will offer you all sort of modern tech facilities and amenities. For example automated utility supplies, smart traffic control system, virtual centers, and electric bikes. The reason why will Avalon City Islamabad will stand out is because it will have high tech features in daily life facilities and utilities. Development of all basic utilities and facilities are also under construction. That would last life time for the residents. This society security is extremely important, therefore to keep dear residents safe from inside and outside, high security strategies will be carried out 24/7. The project’s construction is under high supervision in order to maintain quality. The following amenities and facilities are to be offered:

Avalon City Islamabad Amenities

Shopping malls

Grand mosques

Business districts

Free Wi-Fi spots

Parks and jogging tracks

Restaurants and cafes

Virtual centers


Intellectual Village

Automated Utility Supply

Wide Carpeted Roads

Banks and ATMs

Electric Metro Bus System

Gyms and saloons

24/7 security service

Electric bikes

Current Status

Avalon City Islamabad is at its pre-launching stage. It is currently under development and each small outcome is going smooth and successful. Architects and Civil engineers have planned and chalked out everything carefully in order to maintain quality and international standard. The payment plans that are currently being offered to you are much reasonable right now and is highly recommend to avail it because of being at pre-launch stage. The architectural and civil work is going flawless, which is definitely leading to meet the expectations of the developers and clients.


Master Plan

The main focus of Avalon City Islamabad’s developers, is to provide all the unique high tech features in facilities and amenities, smart automated utilities, accessibility, and much more in cost effective rates so that it would allow all class of investors and residents to consider living in Avalon City Islamabad. They want to make this society safe and client friendly. Avalon City Islamabad aims to be one of the most recognized and recommended societies in Pakistan. Avalon City Islamabad have multiple residential and commercial plot sizes to offer you. Following are the residential plot sizes:
  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan

FAQ's Avalon City Islamabad

What is Avalon Islamabad?

It is a new housing project near Chakri Rawalpindi.

Who is the owner of Avalon City Islamabad?

Pakistan’s Ex-Governor Sindh Imran Ismail is the owner of Avalon City Islamabad.

Who are developing Avalon City Islamabad?

ZKB, a prestigious name in real estate is the developer of Avalon City Islamabad.

What about the NOC of Avalon City Islamabad?

The No Objection Certification is soon to be approved by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). However all the documentations and formalities are complete from Avalon city’s side.

Which company is going to design Avalon City Islamabad architecture?

Urban Solutions Private Limited has took the responsibility to design Avalon City Islamabad.

What is the total area of Avalon City Islamabad?

The total area of Avalon City Islamabad constitutes 5000 Kanal.

What types of plots can you buy in Avalon City Islamabad?

You can get plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

How can I book plots in Avalon city Islamabad?

Booking in Avalon City is one tap away from you. Just contact Neom Marketing and our syndicate will assist you in your booking process.

Why should I invest in Avalon City Islamabad?

Avalon City Islamabad is providing several opportunities for businesses and investment with a considerable return on investment. When such favors are being provided under a single roof, then one shouldn’t resist himself to invest in Avalon City Islamabad.


Avalon city Islamabad is a project that is being developed on Main Chakri Road. Avalon City Islamabad is offering investors and residents’ affordable options without compromising quality standard. This project is in professional hands of ZKB developers and international partners CTT, Urban Solutions and Chaghi Enterprise. It is offering all sort of facilities and amenities which include smart, high tech and automated features within the project.

Having all such luxury and complete facilities in a society, as well as being cost effective even during the economic crisis, is without a question to be considered seeking in. It will provide comfortable and smart solutions to all your problems that would be in your daily life.