Blue World City

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Blue World city is the most pre-eminent housing society of located in the loftiest city of Pakistan. According to the experts, it would be the center of attention for tourists in the future because of its prime location near M2 motorway and its innovative mode of style. Currently, The Capital’s most modest housing project near Rawalpindi Ring Road is under construction by the consultation of Blue Group of Companies (BGC). The curation of housing society following the modern trends and communicating vast group of peoples with each other can be a fruitful medium for those who are looking for investing in real estate involving residential scheme. With a single tap on your mobile, you can get access to various Online services of Blue World City Islamabad.


The owners of the Blue World City are owned by the leading real estate company which is Blue Group of Companies. Chinese allies are also working with the Municipal Engineer Shan Jian for the construction and development of Blue World City residential megaproject. This collaboration has effectively strengthened the economic and social relation between two countries that is China and Pakistan. This is reason why Blue World City is also known to be the Pak-China Friendly City.


Blue World City is under the construction of Blue Group of Companies along with the collaboration of Chinese company. The inauguration of Blue Group of Companies took place in 1989 in Lahore. It has gain reputation by working with different real estate projects. Currently, Blue Group of Companies is among the top five real estate company which has completed many international projects as well. The main niche of this company revolves around the services of information technology, real estate, architectural, commercial printing, and marketing. Blue group of companies has marked its name by completing following projects in Pakistan under the supervision of Saad Nazir:

  • Center Park Lahore
  • Blue Town Sapphire
  • PIA cooperative Society
  • Blue Technologies
  • Blue Mart

Blue World City is now under construction which is going to be the tourist attraction having various cultural and architectural monuments.


Blue World City has also got an approval from land verification by RDA which constitutes of about one thousand fifteen hundred and thirty-four kanal of land. Although resources have reported that this processing by Rawalpindi Development Authority is still under review. Blue World City has attained no objection certificate from multiple firms and departments including regulatory departments, Revenue departments and Water and Sanitation Departments. Local bodies of Government of Punjab have also approved the residential societies of Blue World City.

BWC Location

Blue World City which is the Pakistan’s most elite housing society located in the prime spot of Islamabad, evolving from Moza Sihal near Chakri Interchange which is an interlink between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. A newly proposed site of Rawalpindi ring Road is also at the right next to this imminent tourist’s destinations which is Blue World City. It is one of the proliferate opportunity for investment because of its deliberate site at the hand of M2 Motorway and Adiala road.
Blue World City Islamabad


Distinct places are in the reach of this impending Blue World City including Sadar, M2 motorway, Chakri Interchange, Thalian Interchange, GT Road and many different housing societies which includes, Capital Smart City, Al-Haram City, Eighteen Islamabad, Qurtaba Township and many other sites as well. A quantitative assessment of these places can be summarized as:

  • 3km distance from Chakri Road
  • 20km from GT road
  • 38km from Thalian Interchange
  • Right next to Chakri Road, Chakri Interchange Rawalpindi.


You can get plots for residence and commercial purposes in Blue World City at a very affordable price rate. The range of size and location vary from plot to plot. However, you can get farmhouses at a very prime location. The officials have also given a clue of giving special quota for public and private servants. Although the news hasn’t been get authorized up till yet but it will become certified in near future. Stay tune to Neom Marketing for more updates.

Residential plots:

Different variety of plots are available in the residential sector of Blue World City. You can live a dream life after booking your desired plot in this housing scheme. You can get plots in the residential sector of Blue World City.

  • 5 marla
  • 8 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 1 kanal
  • 2 kanal 

Commercial plots:

For the better opportunities of businesses, you can get your plot in the commercial sector of Blue World City as well. You can get plots of 5 marla and 8 marla in the commercial area. Investors are investing in this area because of the various investments industries. Don’t wait and get your plot book now by contacting Neom Marketing.

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla


Potential customers intended to invest in Blue World City have got numerous benefits for their payments. Blue World City is offering the most modest and easy payment plan suitable for customers belonging from various backgrounds. Smart, flexible and fascinating payment plan can easily be subscribed through Blue World City online services or in-person meetings. The rates of Blue World City ae high because of its international standard facilities. Plot booking in Blue World City starts from 10% down payment plan. Neom marketing can assist you to book your plots in Blue World City. Just contact us and we will let you know the further procedure.

Blue World City Blocks

Blue World City is providing a profitable-solutions to all the financial problems through it’s an easy-installments plans. You just need to book a plot and then keep paying an affordable price on monthly or biannual installments. Buyers would get a chance to book a plot of their own choice from the following blocks:
  1. Awami Villas
  2. Blue World City Sports Valley
  3. Blue World Economic Zone
  4. Awami Residential Complex (low cost)
  5. Blue Hill Country Farms
  6. General Block
  7. Overseas Block
  8. Orbital Apartments
You can also get a Blue World City file entailing all the details and information from booking a plot to paying an affordable installment.


Blue World City is offering an elite class of farm houses. This place is ideal for those who are looking for a fertile, exhaustive agro-farms in the heart of capital. The prime location of blue World city farms near Chakri road have also made them exclusive. Certain recreational outdoor activities including horse riding, golf, cattle farming will also be provided for the farmhouse owners of Blue World City. A very flexible payment plan is offered to book a dream farmhouse in Blue World City. Following is the summary of payment plan:
  • PKR 3,400,000/- for plot of 2-kanal.
  • PKR 6,200,000/- for plot of 4-kanal.
  • PKR 11,200,000/- for plot of 8-kanal
  • PKR 20,000,000/- for plot of 16-kanal


The most affordable plots in Blue World City will be available in Awami Complex. This area is particularly suitable for the middle-class families. A 675 sq.ft area is present in 3.5 marla of residential plot having a rate of PKR 5,94,000/- which is quite reasonable for the people belonging from middle class. People can book their plots by just giving 10% down payment and then furter complete 8 biannual installments. This area is gaining an attention all across the nation.


Blue World City is offering villas as well which is attracting investors because of its lavishing style. Duplex villas are under construction where one can have double floors residential apartments available at the finest rate. This Blue World Villa project is getting famous among the people of different economical backgrounds because of their cheapness and optimal rates. It is also attracting investors due to an immense value.


This area is designed and devoted for foreigners particularly for Chinese to promote Pak-China friendship. This area is set for all those Chinese who have an intention to make Pakistan as their second home with the progress on CPEC project. The only housing scheme which is provide this much facilitation to Chinese is only Blue World City. This strategy has boosted up the business opportunities and increase the investment rates in Blue World City. Pakistani nationals who are residing abroad can also buy plots in Blue World City Overseas Block. The future of Blue World City and Pakistan seems to be bright through these positive business investments.


The most premium place to invest in and live a luxurious life in Blue World City is the Executive Block. The variety of plots ranging from 3 marla to 1 kanal are available for residence here. After the development process, various eco-friendly facilities will be made available to ensure the standards of international lifestyle.


A distinctive block has been added in Blue World City project which is known as Blue World City Sports Valley. Being a tourist’s center of attraction, Blue World City has much responsibility to amaze their customers and investors. This is the reason for the creation of such a sophisticated Sports Valley in Blue World City.

Different infrastructure design has been approved to be constructed in Blue World City Sports Valley.  Some of the confirmed projects include:

  • Torch Tower of Qatar (replica of Burj Khalifa)
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Villagio Mall.

Blue World City Sports Valley would be the heaven for all those who want to celebrate each day of their life with joy along with their loved ones. Neom marketing can help you to live a healthy lifestyle at your doorstep.


The wide and intermingle carpeted road system is its unique feature which helps it to distinguish Blue World City from the rest of housing societies. The width of the roads in blue World City is 80 ft while the streets width is 40ft. Meanwhile, the width of Main boulevard is 120ft which will be the main tourist attraction in the near future. Apart from them, a village is also present inside Blue World City which is named as Sehal. This whole housing society constitutes of about 5000kanal area which will b further converted into residential and commercial plots.


One of the most asked questions which intrigued the investor and customer is why only BLUE WORLD CITY. The simple answer to this query lies in its:
  • Strategic site
  • Prime location
  • International collaboration which will promote businesses and infrastructures
  • Cheap rates of commercial and residential plots
  • Access to various other bodies of housing societies.
  • Peaceful and Modern way of living
  • Contemporary infrastructure which will attract more business opportunities
  • Maximum capital return after investment.
  • Innovative facilities with deliberate development
The only disadvantage of investing and buying plots in Blue World City is that it is a little bit far away from the main city of Islamabad otherwise there are vast range of developing ad grooming your business in Blue World City.  Neom marketing can help you to book your plot in this amazing housing society.


The diversity of Pakistani heritage and culture is effectively depicted by Blue World City through the blend of multiple mélange complexes. The true depiction of Pak-China relation can clearly be seen through the Chinese architectural design in Blue World City.  Various cultural and tourist attraction spots are waiting to promote healthy socio-economic epitome through following designs:

  • Blue Mosque Istanbul Replica
  • Water Theme Park
  • Horse Mascot
  • Heritage Complexes
  • Sports
  • Water Filtration and Sanitation
  • Innovative Infrastructure
  • Secure Electric System
  • Commercialism
  • Stable and Unshakeable Community

Blue Mosque Istanbul Replica:

The mesmerizing design model of Blue Mosque in Blue World City Islamabad is delineating Islamic legacy and calligraphy which is a replica of Blue Mosque Istanbul. It is considered to be the summit feature of Blue World City architecture. This would be the second most beautiful mosque in the heart of capital after Faisal Mosque.

Water Theme Park:

The striking and thematic tourist attraction would be incomplete without water theme park. Blue World City has also taken this responsibility by building an immense Water theme Park with the varieties of exotic activities. These facilities will attract a vast number of investors and tourists which will promote multiple businesses.

Heritage Complexes:

The combination of Chinese and Pakistani culture will be shown in the infrastructure of Blue World City which is the true representation of Pak-China friendship.

Sports Club:

Multiple sport clubs and gymnasium parks are also on their way to get the center of attention from tourists. This will also promote some national sport competitions in Blue World City as well. Moreover, number of amusement parks are also under construction for young children in Blue World City.

Innovative Infrastructure:

The roads in Blue World City have ability to maintain a heavy flow of traffic by facilitating citizens through traffic signals, sideways for pedestrians, zebra crossing, and helpline to ensure a good flow of traffic.

Water filtration and Sanitation:

The proper facilitation of hygienic water and appropriate sanitation system has been installed in all of the residential and commercial plots of Blue World City. An innovative eco-friendly sanitation system would be introduced in the Blue World City with affordable prices. Water filtration plants have also been installed for citizens in Blue World City.


The renowned commercial plazas, brands with high end facilities in commercial blocks are also under developing state in Blue World City. Various good educational institutions with international standards are also moving towards Blue World City. Moreover, the proximity of CPEC project in Blue World City will promote multiple business opportunities there.

Secure Electric System:

There is the secure system of electricity in Blue World City. No intermingle of electric wires can be seen in the vicinity of Blue World City which makes it safer. This will also make a keen environment showing a well ordered and captivating scenes of the city.

Horse Mascot:

The tallest sculpture of horse mascot having 125 feet height is going to be constructed in a green landscape of Blue World City. It is supposed to be the world’s highest monument according to Guinness Book of World Records. The sight of this largest horse mascot will also be visible from Islamabad Lahore M2 Motorway during night time.

Contact Neom Marketing for more details of plot booking procedure in Blue World City.

FAQ's Blue World City

Who is the owner of Blue World City?

Blue Group of Companies is the owner of Blue World City.

Are the owners of Blue World City trustworthy?

The owner of Blue World City is Saad Nazir who is the son of ex deputy commissioner of Lahore. He has done multiple real estate projects in Lahore before starting Blue World City Islamabad project.

Where is the exact location of Blue World City?

It is located in Moza Sihal which comes under the regulation of Rawalpindi Development Authority. Although it is very proximal to Islamabad International Airport, which is why it is known as Blue World City Islamabad. design with the blend of culture and art.

Blue World City is legit?

Since 2018, it has gained NOC from various authorities of local and government bodies. It is a legal housing scheme. Islamabad. all of the local and government bodies of Punjab and Islamabad Capital Territory.

Where is the location of Blue World City headoffice?

It is in Afzal Plaza, Mian Circle, Civic Center, Bahria Town Phase 4 Islamabad.

When the plots charge will be handed over to customers?

The plots of Blue World City will be handed over to their owners within 3 to 4 years. Once the developmental process is completed, the possession will be given as soon as possible.

What will happen in future of Blue World City?

The future seems to be bright as a vast range of national and international investors are predicted to invest here. Moreover, tourist spots will generate a revenue of billions in future.

Is Blue World City the project of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme?

Yes, the CEO of Blue World City, Saad nazir has pledged the government of Pakistan to add 50,000 apartments in Awami villas under this housing project. Islamabad. all of the local and government bodies of Punjab and Islamabad Capital Territory.

What is the location of Blue World City Lahore office?

It is situated in West Canal Bank of TECH Society.

What about NOC of Blue World City?

It has obtained NOC from various authorities of local and government bodies.


In short, Blue World City is the most fascinating city present in the heart of beautiful capital with innovative infrastructure and up-to-date facilities and services. Highly adaptive community of Blue World City can flourish business communities and increase the subsequent investment income. Anyone can book their plots either for commercial or residential purposes just by paying 10% down payment. Keep following Neom marketing for more details about World Blue City.