The CAPTAL SMART CITY and Residency – Situated at Gulberg Residencia Islamabad’s most exquisite location offering An Exotic Lifestyle experience.


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In Pakistan, the laws offered by the government at federal and provincial levels have not yet administered the abandoned housing and real estate sector. Despite the development plans, the deserted housing schemes are common in cities, leaving purchasers as the actual sufferers to get affected adversely socially and economically act as factors of development for the national economic growth. The capital smart city fills the gap to address the challenges associated with abandoned housing projects as well as ruling residential and commercial properties within the Construction sectors in Pakistan.

The varying nature of Capital smart city with public housing projects within the real estate sector of Pakistan.  The objective of Smart city is to highlight the difficulties and obstacles as well as the challenges that have to be highlighted for addressing the problem of housing projects while exploring its relation with the regulation of the real estate sector.

The  Capital  Development  Authority  (CDA),  has approved the Capital smart city challenges in solving such projects as a lot of constraints come along like changing the leadership and political influence, developer’s unprofessionalism, and agony of consumers (the buyers).


Merge with DHA

The Smart City Capital is located on the outskirts of Islamabad & Rawalpindi. It can easily be reached from New Islamabad International Airport in a 5-minute drive. From the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, it is located just 9.2 km from M2 Toll Plaza.

For individuals who have already invested in CSC or those planning to invest in it, there is good news. The mystery about the DHA-Capital Smart City merger will hopefully be resolved very soon. The truth is that the name of the housing scheme will be changed to DHA Smart City from Capital Smart City.


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