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Almost every area has been modernized in the marketing or investment sector, and so has the real estate market. To promote the whole property process, we market real estate projects and link investors directly with developers. Regardless of your requirements, whether it’s a commercial or residential, upcoming or established project, with only a few clicks away, we are your real guide to tending your wish list. Some of the main services that we offer are given below;

  • Marketing of properties that are available for sale and purchase through the most innovative marketing techniques.
  • Proposing an investment approach, and controlling the asset distribution
  • Professional investment and financial advice
  • Control and maintenance of residential and industrial properties
Real Estate Marketing - Neom Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Marketing of properties that are available for sale and purchase through the most innovative marketing techniques. In order to achieve this, creative and effective real estate marketing strategies are implemented which in turn help in gaining  advantage over competitors, build credibility and make it much easier to convert those leads into potential buyers or sellers. It is all about attracting more buyers to the house and providing the seller with a level of protection not to undersell their home. Our best real estate marketing approach offers peace of mind, sales velocity and pushes the price to the highest value

Investment management - Neom Marketing

Investment Management

Providing Services such as, proposing an investment approach, purchasing and selling shares and controlling the asset distribution of the portfolios of our esteemed clients. Effective investment would entail taking on a degree of risk and pushing the envelope a little bit. There may be many unknowns out there, but it might be too late if you wait to invest before you know more. We will help you in understanding how to make the best return on your investment by taking the lowest risk. It is ensured that the portfolio of the client continues to comply with the ambitions, risk management and business interests of the client.

Real Estate Consultancy

Real Estate Consultancy

Providing professional investment and financial advice to our esteemed clients who want to purchase, sell or invest in property. Investment in the marketing of real estate requires a great financial commitment. If you carefully mitigate the risk involved, it will benefit you to a great deal. In order to help you find the right property at the best price, we can scrutinize the marketplace. If you sell a house, we will make sure that you get the best price for it. Throughout the property buying and selling process, we work closely with our clients.

Property Managemnet - Neom Marketing

Property Management

Providing services like control of residential and industrial properties in an effective manner. This includes the setting of prices, the selling and filling of vacancies, the management of tenant relations, and maintenance supervision. We work efficiently to represent the best interests of both you and your tenants. It is our duty to keep the tenants satisfied, while also maintaining the your house in the best possible shape. You’re not going to have to think about the constant headaches that come with owning a rental home. You’re going to be just making money, instead.