Park Zameen Town is a master housing society that has been classily created in a good position for you to live your ideal life. It was created with a higher level of public concern in mind. Park Zameen Town Rawalpindi is the ideal residence for those seeking a low-cost, pleasant, and convenient location close. Furthermore, the town is in a fantastic location, it is just minutes from the airport and central Rawalpindi. This town is on Chakri Road, directly across from Fatima Jinnah Women’s University.


The organization is owned by PZT developers, who are well-known and respected building enterprises in the twin cities. They have excellent experience and expertise in the design and construction of multi-story structures and housing developments. They have completed numerous projects in the past, the most recent of which being this housing complex. This housing development was designed with the following characteristics in mind by the management.


Park Zameen Town Location

It is situated on Chakri Road, one of the vital main roads connecting the twin cities. This region, which is located across from Fatima Jinnah Women’s University and about 3 kilometers from Ring Road, is undergoing significant development. Furthermore, with the New Islamabad International Airport only 13 kilometers away and Saddar Rawalpindi only 5 minutes away, this town is at an ideal location.

Residential Blocks Size and Dimension

Park Zameen Town


The society is conveniently located near Chakri Road in Rawalpindi, making it accessible to residents from all around the city. The major Rawalpindi ring road, which connects to the Islamabad Expressway, is only a 5-minute drive away, making it a perfect location for anyone looking for Rawalpindi residential societies.

Residential Blocks

Park Zameen Town will provide the residents with all the basic and modern facilities and amenities. It is offering residential plots of various sizes at extremely affordable rates. The plots size of 3,5,10 Marla 1 Kanal residential plots. These plots will further be divided into blocks.


Park Zameen town Commercial Block is reserved solely for all commercial activities. It offers commercial plots at extremely affordable rates. The size of the commercial plots is 4,8 Marla.

Facilities &Amenities

Park Zameen City is a perfect housing development with unrivaled amenities and a stunning view. Each community block is purposefully designed with a distinct attitude and power in order to provide a higher level of living for its residents.


Any residential society must have its religious spirit in it therefore a beautiful mosque is part of Park Zameen Town.


The society that provides the schools will be constructed in such a way that no child will be far from his or her school, and parents will be able to conveniently supervise their children.


The hospital will be a huge help to society and the people who live there. This is because people can quickly access the top doctors and choose from a wide range of therapies if they have a health problem.

Imax Cinema

Films have evolved into important sources of entertainment and distraction in the lives of people across the globe. Park Zameen Town will familiarize 3D Imax films by bringing the most cutting-edge innovation and entertainment to its relatives.

Underground Electricity

the underground supply of electricity can be a good feature in the community. It is cheaper, safer, and much more aesthetic than overhead wires.

Security Service

The most important of all is to provide security and safety to the residents therefore society is well secured through high safety systems.

Shopping Mall

There will be numerous shopping complexes in Park Zameen Town to fulfill your every need. They want to build a huge retail complex to provide inhabitants with all of their essential household needs in one area.


The developers have ensured that inhabitants would enjoy a lavish lifestyle while maintaining a strong connection to nature, and as a result, public entertaining areas have been precisely built. Families, particularly youngsters, will spend their free time in these parks and live a happy, healthy lifestyle.


To conclude, the park Zameen town is more than simply a concept. It’s a fantasy. Every person’s dream is to attempt to acquire an asset and live a comfortable life. Every person who wants to have a name realizes their desire. A sense of self. It is a quest to raise low-income people’s living standards to international levels on a shoestring budget. It is cost-effective and convenient for clients to purchase and invest.

FAQ's Park Zameen Town

What is Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

It is the residential project of high quality in the heart of Pakistan’s capital.

Who is the owner of Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

The owner of Park Zameen Town Islamabad is Muhammad Asif Watto.

Who is the developer of Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

The developer of Park Zameen Town Islamabad is PZT developers Builders & Developers.

What is the location of Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

Park Zameen Town Islamabad present at the opposite side of the Fatima Jinnah University on the main Chakri Road.

What about NOC of Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

Park Zameen Town Islamabad has obtained its NOC from RDA.

What size of plots are available in Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

Plots of different sizes from 3 Marlas to 1 Kanal are available in Park Zameen Town Islamabad.

What is the size of residential plots in Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

Plots size of 3 marla, 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal are available in residential area of Park Zameen Town Islamabad

Is there any commercial plot available in Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

Yes, you can buy plot of 4 marla and 8 marla in commercial sector of Park Zameen Town Islamabad.

Why should I invest in Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

Park Zameen Town Islamabad is an innovative mega house project providing multiple opportunities of investments. Its commercial area and apartments are the best place to invest money.

Can I buy plot in Park Zameen Town Islamabad on installments?

Yes, you can buy plot in Park Zameen Town Islamabad at an affordable 4 year payment plans by contacting Neom Marketing.

How can I book plot in Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

Simply contact Neom Marketing and leave the rest on us. We will guide you throughout the booking process in Park Zameen Town Islamabad.